A Bit About Us

Or How Cats and Dogs Can Take Over the World

Rhubarb and Crumble are a printmaking, animal obsessed, Lego-collecting duo based in the middle of England. We love lino prints, letterpress and felt-tip pens. We also love music, Argos catalogues from the seventies and conversations about the best nine kinds of everything. We are supervised by a menagerie of cat and dog shaped overlords. We like to travel to craft and print fairs to talk to people about our obsessions, especially so people can sing at us, reminisce about the old days or disagree with us about biscuits, and biscuits is a very serious subject....

Our founding members are Rhubarb, a dog, and Crumble, a cat... They form our logo and supervised our work from the earliest stages.There are photos of them dotted round our website . 

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